We all strive for that bespoke, Pinterest-worthy kitchen or bathroom for our homes, however, choosing the right bench tops can be a daunting (and expensive) decision. What if you could have a countertop that embodies the allure of marble without the expense, the strength of granite, and the hassle-free upkeep of quartz. Porcelain benchtops embody all these characteristics, benefitting both residential and commercial settings. What used to be synonymous with floors and walls is fast becoming sought after for benchtop application due to several advantages we’ll highlight here in this article. Read through to the end to see additional tips and find out more. 

1. Etch Resistance and Durability 

Porcelain is impervious to etching caused by exposure to acidic substances and cleaners (such as vinegar, citruses, or alcohol) making it a highly durable surface for the demands of kitchens, bathrooms, and dining areas. 

Concrete White 12mm porcelain made in Italy offers a clean Japonesque aesthetic 

2. Stain Resistance and Hygiene 

You’ll have peace of mind maintaining hygiene in and around your kitchen, bathroom, and dining area knowing that porcelain has you covered against spills and splatters. Liquid can’t penetrate porcelain due to its non-porous nature. 

3. Exposure to the elements 

With its high-temperature resilience, freeze-thaw resistance, and UV stability, porcelain is a durable choice for both indoor and outdoor settings for your home and commercial settings. 

Metal Look Iron Dark 12mm porcelain made in Italy is sleek, sophisticated, and softened against wood flooring 

4. Aesthetic, versatile, and functional 

There are plenty of colours, patterns, and surface finishes to satisfy all styles of design. Almost any look you can think of can be represented with porcelain – from marble, travertine, concrete, or wood; to bold colours and patterns that don’t exist in nature. The versatility of porcelain allows it to shine in both form and aesthetics also thanks to its large format size ensuring minimal joints and seams. 

Wood Look 12mm porcelain made in Italy warms up this dining area wonderfully with unbeatable durability 

5. Cost Compared to Other Options 

While initially more expensive than cheaper alternatives like laminate, porcelain outperforms in the long run. Its durability, low maintenance, and timeless appeal translate to significant savings over time, especially when compared to more expensive natural stones like marble. 

6. Long-Term Value and Investment 

When you invest in porcelain for your benchtop, it can last a lifetime with proper care and add enduring value to your home. Blending style and functionality, a porcelain benchtop becomes a timeless feature that enhances your home. 

Calacatta Extra Satin 12mm made in Italy layers seamlessly and contrasts wonderfully against wooden cabinetry 

7. Installation Process  

Our 12mm porcelain slabs are one of the lightest yet resilient materials on the market for benchtop application, which assists in reducing transportation loads and logistics during fabrication and installation when compared to other heavier benchtop materials. 

8. Environmental Impact and Sustainability  

Compared to quarried materials like granite or marble, porcelain boasts a more environmentally friendly production process with lower energy consumption and waste generation. 

We hope you agree that porcelain benchtops offer a compelling combination of elegance, durability, and practicality. From resisting stubborn stains to offering endless design possibilities, they elevate both residential and commercial spaces. While an initial investment, their longevity and low maintenance contribute to long-term value, making them a worthy contender for your next renovation, new build, or commerical project. 

Additional Tip 

For personalised guidance, bring your paint, cabinetry, or tapware samples to our showroom. Our experienced team will ensure that your selections harmonise seamlessly with the look and feel of your space.