About Us

GRANDE STONEWARE is at the forefront of importing and distributing premium porcelain slab panels into Western Australia. Our relationship with Italian manufacturer MARAZZI, an industry leader in porcelain slab production, provides us with exclusive access to their entire slab collection. With over 40 years of experience through the ODIN GROUP, GRANDE STONEWARE’S objective is to source and supply the latest market leading porcelain slab creations.

GRANDE STONEWARE forms part of the ODIN GROUP of companies. The ODIN GROUP have established strong relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, providing access to premium quality and exclusive products. The management team has an unrivalled passion for innovation and creativity in the tiling industry. Product development plays an integral role within the group, as we constantly strive to develop the next groundbreaking trend. Our diverse product ranges are extensively researched to meet the tastes, standards and requirements of all our customers.

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with numerous years of design and field experience. Our passion for design and expert product knowledge makes us a leader in the surface industry. We deliver personailsed service, with a large focus on providing the best product for every project. The ODIN GROUP continues to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We are also a preferred supplier for many of Western Australia’s leading architects, designers and builders. Our representatives, together with our purchasing department, thoroughly research every product to ensure we provide the appropriate tiles for every project.

However specific a task may be, our team is confident of finding the right products to satisfy all industry professionals. Specifying porcelain slabs with GRANDE STONEWARE is done with great confidence and assurance; with documentation and endless research behind every panel we source.

Please feel free to contact our team for further information.