Porcelain’s durability and lifelike replications, thanks to high-fidelity print technology, is becoming a popular benchtop or vanity choice for discerning homeowners and builders. Porcelain countertops offer a vast array of colours and patterns, making them versatile for every design taste without compromising the durable and low maintenance qualities porcelain is known for. Here we highlight predicted design and colour trends for 2024 to help spur ideas and creativity for your home or building project. We see warm colours and a celebration of natural textures to do well this year and in the years to come. There’s room for those who adore timeless classics on par with those who like to be more experimental and juxtapose textures, colours, and finishes. Below are our top porcelain picks. 


The Top Patagonia Lux Porcelain 12mm, 1620x3240mm, made in Italy 

While minimalist aesthetics are still popular for their simplicity, more and more designers and homeowners are embracing colour, and layering patterns, textures, and bolder designs. The abstract and geometric shapes found in natural Patagonia quartzite reject the typical sleek and uniform aesthetic found in minimalist modern design. Its bold, unpredictable, and unique features can add stylistic tension wonderfully for those who appreciate a touch of the unexpected. The hard-wearing and durable qualities of natural quartzite are preserved in porcelain form. And like its stone counterpart, its pattern and colour profile is beautifully kept alive. 

The Bold and Beautiful 

The Top Verde Aver Satin Porcelain 12mm, 1620x3240mm, made in Italy 

Marble hallmarks such as Calacatta and Statuario are not going anywhere anytime soon. However, marble is now bolder than ever as larger and more dramatic veining is making its way into family homes. Five of our porcelain slabs Superwhite, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Extra, Vena Vecchia, or Capraia all have dramatic veining in various colours that will elevate any kitchen or bathroom vanity. Luxurious regal or jewel colours like forest green are also gaining traction. Our Verde Aver porcelain slab is a gorgeous example of rich emerald green tones. Deep charcoals and browns are also showcased in our Calacatta Black, Quarzo Bluegrey, and Saint Laurent. Let any of these slabs take centre stage on your kitchen island with the dramatic addition of waterfall edges. Transform your bathroom or powder room vanity and experience the luxury of stepping into a high-end hotel. Or use it as a kitchen splashback that flows onto your benchtop to create a commanding focal point.  

The Top Calacatta Vena Vecchia Porcelain 12mm, 1620x3240mm, made in Italy 

Earthy and Warm Colours 

The Top Gris du Gent Honed Porcelain 12mm, 1620x3240mm, made in Italy 

We expect popular design styles like Japandi, Coastal, and Mid-Century Modern to continue to do well into 2024-2025. These design styles can benefit from natural, earthier tones instead of bold and loud colours and patterns (although we’re not against experimenting). Oyster-greys found in Gris du Gent, Tafu, and Fior di Bosco are perfect for these neutral colour schemes. For lighter and warmer tones, Epica Oro, Taj Mahal, Travertine, and soft concrete looks. No matter how you incorporate these slabs – benchtops, splashbacks, or centre island – they are perfect at creating soft and calming atmospheres where desired. 

The Top Taj Mahal Satin Porcelain 12mm, 1620x3240mm, made in Italy 

Minimal Edge Profiles 

The Top Concrete White Porcelain 12mm, 1620x3240mm, made in Italy 

The trend towards smaller, more minimal edge profiles is one of porcelain’s hallmarks. A simple squared edge profile appeals to designers and homeowners alike as it reinforces a clean and tidy aesthetic. Combine two slabs on top of each other to create a unique look. For a truly seamless look, consider waterfall edges. This design choice allows the benchtop material to cascade down the sides and meet the floor, creating a continuous flow. Waterfall edges are particularly stunning with heavier marble or stone patterns, where the veining and colour can be admired throughout. Just like arches are becoming a hot design element for doorways and entrances, we’re seeing those same soft lines reflected in the growing popularity of curved benchtops for kitchens and bathrooms. This adds a touch of whimsy and makes the space feel more inviting and cosy. Tip: curved edge profiles soften the look of other hard edges and materials, and they’re much less painful to bump into! Remember that fabrication costs will always reflect the complexity of the design. 

The Top Calacatta Extra Satin Porcelain 12mm, 1620x3240mm, made in Italy 

Sustainability Considerations 

Designers and consumers are increasingly seeking responsibly sourced materials for their benchtops. Of course, building regulations are always adapting, but generally the industry is moving towards recycled materials, locally-sourced options or, in the case of man-made materials, benchtops that have low- to zero- silica content. Choosing porcelain from manufacturers that are environmentally responsible allows us to pass on a lower carbon footprint to your design’s project and potential requirements. Additionally, porcelain is ideal as it can be recycled and is inherently low silica. 

The Top Tafu Satin Porcelain 12mm, 1620x3240mm, made in Italy 

In 2024, instead of feeling you have to choose between one or the other, play with light and dark tones, or juxtapose the dramatic softer materials and textures. The key to finding a balance of colour and texture is to always select your benchtop with other elements of your kitchen or bathroom in mind, such as cabinetry, lighting, theme, and other hardware. Porcelain is low maintenance yet exceptionally durable and comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, making it easier to decide between different looks and styles. 

To discuss your project and ask for personalised advice, visit our Balcatta showroom and chat with our professional design consultants to help make your selection.